BT Phone Landline Broadband Sports TV Price Increase APril 2017 from More Income and Savings

BT Phone, Broadband, Sport Price Increase – Leaving BT – Your Alternatives for Switching

BT Phone, Broadband, Sports Price Increase in April 2017 BT Price Increase Key Points: Broadband charges will rise by between 5% and 6% from 2 April 2017, BT said. Landline customers will see phone plans increase, and the cost of calls will go up by 1p a minute. TV subscribers will pay £3.50 a month for B.T. Sport, which has been free for broadband customers. Broadband up by £2 a month Super-fast Infinity broadband up by £2.50 a month British Telecom TV customers to start…

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sky phone broadband tv bundle price increase march 2017 more income savings

Sky Phone, Broadband, TV Price Increase – Leaving Sky – Your Alternatives for Switching

Sky Phone, Broadband, TV Price Increase in March 2017 Sky Price Increase Key Points: In June 2016, Sky hiked the prices of 10 of its most popular TV packages, including Variety and Sports, with packages rising by as much as £2.50 a month – or £30 a year for UK households. After the above, a month later, the firm announced a £1.1billion profit that year! “could not confirm exactly how much line rental will increase by on 1 March 2017.” Sky’s price…

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