Cheaper Gas Near Me

Cheaper Gas Near Me

Save on energy with Cheaper Gas near me and Dual Fuel Deals – It couldn’t be easier to switch utility supplier as we take care of everything for you! Click here to get a quote!

Would you like to lower your energy bills?

  • Have you had enough of changing suppliers every few months?
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  • Are you looking for guaranteed long term value? Find out how the Utility Warehouse Discount Club will give you peace of mind and lower your energy bills.
  • Have you realised how nearly all suppliers reward ONLY their new customers with discounts and incentives but do not offer them to long-term customers unless they threaten to leave ? LOYALTY IS EXPENSIVE!

Since 1998, when the gas and electricity markets were deregulated in the UK, competition has steadily increased. Since this time customers have been able to choose which company supplies gas and electricity to their homes and businesses.

In recent years, energy prices have varied greatly in the UK, with the following ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers regularly increasing their energy prices:

  • British Gas
  • E.ON
  • npower
  • EDF
  • Scottish Power
  • Scottish & Southern Energy

Telecom plus PLC (trading as the Utility Warehouse) is licensed by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM) to supply both gas and electricity to domestic customers throughout the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) and is committed to delivering consistently low energy prices to their customers.

Over 500,000 customers throughout the UK already benefit from substantial savings with the Utility Warehouse.

When you switch your gas and electricity to UWDC, they guarantee you will save money compared to the average of the cheapest variable tariffs available from the ‘big 6’ suppliers*. Plus if they ever lower their prices, yours will also be lowered! So once you switch to UW, you’ll never need to switch again!

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Peace of mind guarantee

Utility Warehouse guarantee to always let you know about their cheapest available tariff and help you change to it if you want so you can save as much as possible.

Cheaper Gas Near Me
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Cheaper Gas Near Me
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Save now! - Cheaper Gas near me - Don't get ripped off for being a loyal customer with other suppliers where only new customers get discounts & incentives!