Student Story

Here, National Network Leader Wes Linden shares a story about how a little bit of work he did at the very start of his Utility Warehouse journey in the 1990s has ended up reaping rewards far into the future…

“When I was younger, I played football for my school, and one stalwart during that time was my friend Adam from 11 to 18. We used to call him ‘donkey’ after Tony Adams, as he had very little skill but was an effective defender.

“When I started UW, aged 20, I spoke to Adam about what I was doing. It wasn’t for him but he was encouraging. I never focussed on signing up students in their student houses, but instead, I wanted to know their ‘grown up’ friends and family.

“So, I went to see his mum and dad, Annie and Russ. I used my magic line which works a treat every time when you’re young at the start of my presentation: ‘I hope you won’t hold my age against me?’. I followed up with silence, allowing them to answer: ‘No, of course not!’
“Anyway, they became Members, taking our home phone service along with a couple of mobiles. That was March 1998. They’ve added energy services and broadband since then.
“I spent about 90 minutes at their house that day – as long as a football match, ironically. Russ had always watched us play from the sidelines.
This morning, I have been paid for the 207th time on that 90 minute visit. 207 times. Yes, 207 times. Yes. 207. Times.
“So if you ever worry about the people that say no, as long as your ratio is better than 207:1 it’ll all work out in the end!
“That is, providing you keep focussed, stay in the game, make calls, follow up, remain calm when people say no, avoid distractions, ignore shiny objects, and sidestep noise that tells you that you can’t succeed (whether that’s the silly story you tell yourself, the silly story that people tell you to hold you back, or the friendly thieves who want your money in return for the magic pill). If you focus on the one thing, you’ll get everything you wish for.”

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