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Students are now expected to do many other things aside from studying. Because of several economic problems and social needs, increasing numbers of students are looking for possible student jobs to earn additional income to cover their expenses and support themselves.
Student work is now being offered in many countries all over the world and the UK is no exception. One of the best things about UK is that there are great employment opportunities for students. In the UK, even if you are still a student, you can find part time student jobs that can provide you with more money to support your needs.

Suggested Student Jobs in UK

There might be countless options and opportunities when it comes to student jobs in UK but the following are the most suggested:

MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

How about doing some work once during your studies and getting paid for it 15 years later? THis is the most attractive option to scholars as it provides the time freedom to continue with studies.

Recruitment Agencies

A couple of years back, a study revealed that the UK has the biggest makeshift workforce within Europe. More than one million individuals work for recruitment offices, giving short or medium term spread in the broader scope of commercial enterprises. With this figure consistently expanding, there are certainly summer jobs for students available. The best thing about office or agency work is the accessibility and availability during peak seasons including summer. Register with a nearby recruitment agency and they will call you when they have options for you.

Retail Opportunities

More shops exist in the UK today so this simply means that more staff is required to keep their business running. During summer, individuals tend to shop more so casual staff work on extended hours. If you are looking for a student job, take advantage of this opportunity to get hired as retail store owners tend to recruit more during peak buying season and seasonal patterns. Working in a shop is actually a great means of earning more money and building experience.

If you notice the trend of extended shopping hours and even 24 hours shopping, you will surely realise the reason why more staff and students seeking for a job are hired. Many students start working as part timers in many different retail shops in the UK but they progress into full time workers. Showing sincere and dedicated commitment to a company for a longer period of time can actually help in securing a job. If you have been trained and you’re competent, many companies will surely hire you even if you are just after part time student jobs for a few months or only during holidays.

Amusement Park Jobs

Give visitors a great time by working at an amusement park! Ensure that park guests have a day to recall and leave with huge grins on their faces. There are a lot of amazing tasks to consider including ride chaperones, retail, food and drink, deals, client administration, cleaning, distribution centre, photography and many more. There is something to suit a variety of ages, abilities and interests. Work the entire season (starting from spring up to autumn) or maybe during the holidays. Full time or part time hours are accessible so this is an awesome student jobs option.

Summer Festival Jobs

Between June and September every summer, there are many different exciting celebrations all over the UK, and they all have plenty of summer student jobs for those looking for additional income. You can do anything from stewarding jobs, security, bar work or selling different merchandise and stock. You will get a free pass to the park and some of these student jobs include food and accommodation as well.

Au Pair and Summer Camps

Do you love and appreciate working with children? Spend your break from school by working at summer camps in the UK or abroad. There are an array of summer camps, for example, sports camps, special needs camp, adventure camps, educational summer schools and many more. They hire individuals for different roles such as action pioneers, sports mentors, instructors, coaches, kitchen staff, and office staff. Most give accommodation and food and also good pay. Most summer camps need staff mostly from April or June through September, so it’s an incredible student job that also adds extraordinary experience into your CV.

Charity Fundraising Student Jobs

Gain decent money by raising cash for a worthy cause. If you can possibly work for the vast majority of the summer or holidays either part time or full time, then numerous fundraising organisations will take you on and will be willing to train students like you. The pay/commission is also great, so a full time fundraiser can acquire as much as £4,500 over the summer! A summer fundraising student job will upgrade your CV and give your bank balance a solid boost. Numerous fundraising jobs for students are based outside, therefore you will have the chance to appreciate life even more! Oh and since its in the UK, keep an umbrella handy!


In the event that you require some cash and have an excellent and impressive phone manner, then this could be the best approach to earn more money real quick. Call centres are operating are all over the place nowadays, whether it be active selling or customer service support. If you are looking for the most promising student job in UK, then the telesales industry is ideal for you. In spite of the fact that the work might be entirely constrained since you might be completely monitored, the salary can be great, with high essential rates and great commission. The hours are not as tightened as ordinary shop hours, with numerous call centres open 24 hours a day. Bear in mind, night work is typically paid better than the day works! If you are in search for student job for the summer or holidays, it is highly advised to do your online search to ensure that you will get the perfect student job for you.

These are just few of the many student jobs in UK that you can consider. Apply now and get the chance to increase your earning.

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