Looking to be a Juice Plus Distributor / Rep?

So you’re thinking of becoming a Juice Plus Distributor / Rep / Representative ?

The BIGGEST thing to note when looking into being a Juice Plus Distributor is that you would be joining an organisation where your target market DOES NOT NEED to buy those things. They are non-essential items. Most men and women will buy what they need, when they need it when they are out shopping. What is stopping them buying their own Juicing book and a quality Juicer to do their own?

If anyone buys from a Juice Plus it is usually out of kindness. A lot of information will be found through social media and internet research.

The next problem is how you are seen in the eyes of the people you approach. You will be targeting your warm market – friends and family. You will get some sympathy purchases but you will then be seen as a pest. You’ll find that people will avoid you. They won’t pick up the phone in case you’re wanting them to buy Juice Plus products. Beware the temptation to bombard your facebook friends with JuicePlus products – you WILL be defriended!

Juice Plus Distributor Quotes

Quote 1

“One thing that’s apparent from reading the marketing literature is that the price structure and it’s presentation is quite confusing. You have for example, what Juice Plus describe as the “best product”, 3 tubs of the ‘premium capsules’, priced at “£200 in full or £57 per month for a 4 month supply (£1.50 per day)”.

What this doesn’t explain is that in reality, if you’re following the diet based on their recommended intake, this will only actually last a customer 6 weeks, making Juice Plus pretty expensive!…..click here to read the full article

Quote 2

“I’ve been a distributor for 2 weeks and still not sold 1 single product or hired one person. Everyone keeps telling me they’re not interested. It’s de-motivating when you explain the product to someone who has asked about it and they say no. Makes you feel &%!?..”

Quote 3

“Though its claims that fruit and vegetable supplements lead to greater health seem like a no-brainer, Juice Plus has more than a few skeletons in its closet.  If you look a little more closely at the majority of the studies Juice Plus uses to back up its claims, you’ll find that they come from research groups sponsored by or directly affiliated with Juice Plus itself.  If you look more closely still, you’ll find that most of these studies take proper scientific method about as seriously as Houdini takes a set of handcuffs, with inadequate control groups, dodgy results measuring, and a lot of creatively describing the results so that they seem like they’re telling the Juice Plus story.”

Is Juice Plus a Scam ?

The answer is a very definite yes and no.  The “no” is because, just like most MLM-based businesses, you can make money via Juice Plus. Unfortunately, the “yes” is because, no matter how much product you move or how many other distributors or Virtual Franchisees you recruit, you’re still selling a product that is at best an expensive placebo, and at worst harmful.

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Juice Plus Distributor, Looking to be a Juice Plus Distributor / Rep?

Juice Plus Distributor, Looking to be a Juice Plus Distributor / Rep?
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So you're thinking of becoming a Juice Plus Distributor / Rep / Representative ?
The BIGGEST thing to note being a Juice Plus Distributor is that your target market DOES NOT NEED to buy those products! Is it a scam ?
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