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QuestionHeadache in MLM - Getting past the first phone call

“Okay so, I am new to the business (joined last month) and I’m struggling getting past the first phone call. I’ve had several people phone me querying how they can get the benefits but as soon as I say they need to do something they say no. I’ve tried saying something along the lines of ‘is there a day I could come round and explain it all to you and see how you’d benefit’ but they want to know there and then, taking me back to my first issue.
Is there anyway I can broach the subject in a way that will make them interested in an appointment?”

Answer 1

Instead of telling people, just advise that you can pop round and show them. If they ask any further questions let them know that it’s difficult to explain over the phone but you can pop round on (choose 2 days that suit you) and ask which suits them best. Say it only takes 20 mins and you might be surprised…

Answer 2

If you are brand new to the business, I would suggest saying something like ‘I’ve just started a new business I’m really excited about. I really value your opinion and there might be benefits for you too. When can I come and show you?’. This is very similar to the training scripts, which when I first started I wasn’t sure about. But when I stopped talking about the direct products and services and went back to what I was taught on training, suddenly people started agreeing to appointments. Once you’re there, the films do all the work and then you can get referrals too. If people want to know more on the phone, I say ‘it’s much easier to show you’ and then make an excuse to get off the phone!

Answer 3

Ask friends & family if you can practice on them that takes the pressure away. Try making a call to someone in your team first then you will be in right mindset.

Answer 4

Do you have a mentor? If not then maybe another MLM Distributor local to you to Buddy up with?

Do discuss with your sponsor too, they are usually best placed to help with your specific circumstances.

Answer 5

Well done for asking this question. It’s a great place for advice because we’ve all had to make that first call and first appointment.
Great thing is you already have people asking about your services so something you’re doing is working well for you.

As suggested above, getting past the first phone call can mean finding a local mentor could will work well for you, but here’s a couple of ideas:

  • Think of the products and services as a perk for being a customer. You could say something like “There are lots of other perks too such as money incentives. It’s best that I explain them face to face, is Wednesday or Friday best to pop over; I’ll bring the biscuits!”
  • Stay friendly not salesy. You don’t want to make enemies of your friends by selling to them, you want strengthen the friendship by giving them things that will benefit them.

Answer 6

If they press you for more info you can always counter with the “it’s visual I need to show you” and then retort to the “as I said, I’m just dashing out, I have to go now. Tuesday or Thursday?

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Getting past the first phone call - MLM Distributor advice
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