Here we have a person who in one month, and just for buying some travel via her Cashback Card, got all her household bills paid for. The best part is – she ended up with over £300 cashback!

“I had one of the nicest surprises of my life. I booked a holiday with Titan Travel to visit South Africa next year and paid for it with my Cash Back card. When I looked at my bill, I was astonished to find a figure of £335.88 cash back listed. Instead of paying the usual amount by Direct Debit this month, my bank account is being credited with £308.41″

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Cashback credit £300 to bank account
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Cashback credit £300 to bank account
In ONE MONTH she got all her household utility bills paid for and earned over £300 just by paying for travel with her Cashback Card - Give it a go!
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